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Situer Peter Bluff

Peter Bluff

The point of my work is to show the natural beauty of wood in all its states.

The wood I use is either from the forest floor or from my friend the lumberjack. Unless it's immediately obvious, I let the wood sit, where I can see it every day, until the piece of wood itself, in its shape and form or colour or grain suggests what I should try to make with it.

Chairs, tables, lights, stools, sculptures, I make whatever suits the piece of wood.

I work with old dead wood and newly cut "green" wood. For the old wood, I cut away the rotten parts and clean it up but try to leave the piece as original as possible. Ideally just a coating of oil and beeswax polish or neutral varnish to bring out the colour of the wood. The wood from the lumber yard is still living and will evolve with time, and, as the years pass, will change as we change. These works will crack and split or twist, and their colour will darken as they cure. These works are truly living pieces of art. Again, for the finish I use only linseed oil, huile dur, beeswax polish or neutral water-based varnish. The only non-natural technique I use is the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban when I want a black finish.

Every piece I do is unique, I know where every piece of wood comes from and each piece has its own story to tell. If the wood is split or cracked, then that is the way it is and that is the way I use it. I won't use resin to fill the splits and cracks. If wood is covered in resin, you can't touch it, you can't feel the grain and the texture. I want my works to show the beauty of wood in as natural way as possible.

All my wood is sourced within 5 kilometres of my workshop. Old wood from gardens and the forest floor and fallen or diseased tress cut by my local lumberyard. No healthy trees are cut down to produce the wood I use.


Les créations Peter Bluff

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    création : Peter Bluff 180,00 €

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    création : Peter Bluff 250,00 €

  • Forest therapy 3/3

    création : Peter Bluff 300,00 €

  • Gentleman with the black coat

    création : Peter Bluff 320,00 €

  • Monterey light 1/1

    création : Peter Bluff 450,00 €

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    création : Peter Bluff 490,00 €

  • Broken heart table

    création : Peter Bluff 950,00 €

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